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Did you know that the average family spends in excess of £60 per week on essentials such as food and toiletries? It might not seem like much, but it soon adds up and even a small saving each week can make a big difference.

We've teamed up with Asda to help you save 4% off everything in-store. All you need to do is purchase a gift card from us and redeem it when you shop!

This voucher can be used instore and online.

1. Select the denomination you would like to purchase.

2. Follow the checkout instructions. Your discount will be applied automatically.

3. Check your email inbox for your e-gift. Be sure to check your junk folder if you cannot find it.

4. Follow the link on the email to access your e-gift.

FAQ's can be found here - https://cards.asda.com/faq

1. Treat this card like cash. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced unless they are registered on our website with your name and address. Please note this card is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card and no interest is paid on card balances. Protect your balance by registering your card on our website.

2. If you lose your gift card and you have registered it with us don't worry - we can provide a replacement card. The balance on your new card will be the same as the amount at the point you told us about the loss. Unfortunately, if your old card has already been used and there are reduced or no funds on it when you tell us, we regret we cannot replace the balance.

3. We cannot offer cash in place of the balance on a lost/stolen card.

4. Asda cannot be held liable for lost/stolen cards or any credit amounts on such cards.

5. No change can be given on the cards or the balance on the cards exchanged for cash.

6. The Asda Gift Card can be used in any Asda store within the UK and the balance on the card may be used for in-store purchases in full or part-payment (excluding third party concessions or products, petrol and lottery tickets) at any time whilst this card is valid. At this time you cannot use our gift cards when shopping online.

7. Transactions may only take place at the checkout in our stores when the card is presented. The amount deposited or redeemed from a card will be shown on the till receipt which you should keep.

8. This card is valid for a period of 2 years from your last transaction. You will not be able to use your card after that date and any unused balance on the card will be lost.

9. Christmas Savings Card: You can save up to £144 on each card and we'll give you a special bonus in November. If you've saved £49 you'll get an extra £1, £97 you'll get £3 extra and if you've saved the maximum amount of £144 we'll give you £6.

10. To qualify for the bonus on our Christmas savings card, you must have saved or spent funds from the 1st January to receive your bonus in November.

11. Any questions? See our FAQs or your in store Customer Services Team who'll be happy to help.

12. Asda reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions that apply or discontinue the card scheme at any time.

13. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall affect your statutory rights.

14. Asda Stores will not keep money deposited on cards separate from its own funds. Card balances are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or the Financial Ombudsman Service.

15. Asda Gift Cards are issued by Asda Stores Ltd, Great Wilson Street, Leeds LS11 5AD.

Format: eGift
Delivery: via Email

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