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Beer52 is the world’s most popular monthly craft beer discovery club, searching out incredible and exclusive small-batch craft beers from the world's greatest breweries and bringing them back for their members!

Every month Beer 52 focusses on a new country or theme, featuring amazing beers from up and coming brewers from all over the world.

Now, you can try your first case of craft beer for FREE worth £27! Simply pay just £5.95 for postage. That’s 8 incredible craft beers, Ferment magazine and a snack delivered next day shipping. It’s a no brainer!

There’s no minimum commitment, you can just take the free case, try the beers and see what you think.  If it is not for you – you can pause/cancel anytime. Don’t miss this chance to get the beers in!

1. To get your free case of beer simply click on the claim button and visit the dedicated Beer52 landing page. 

2. Click on the button that reads "CLAIM YOUR FREE CASE NOW" and follow the steps to checkout.  

For all frequently asked questions please visit https://www.beer52.com/faq

• One per household. 
• New customers only. 
• Part of a monthly subscription with no minimum commitment. 
• If you choose to stay, you will be delivered 8 craft beers, Ferment magazine and a snack with free delivery for just £27. 
• Full terms at https://www.beer52.com/term

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