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Grab huge savings on a Virgin Media Bundle!

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Offer Details

Offer Details

Get your house primed and ready for a Christmas of entertainment with the latest Virgin fast broadband, mobile and TV bundle through MoneyExpert.

Now available at an introductory price of £79 per month. Sign up for Virgin’s Ultimate Volt Bundle Offer and get:

  • 1GB fibre speed – maximum available speed
  • Full coverage in all rooms of the house- with a £100 money back guarantee if not covered
  • Unlimited calls, messages and data with an O2 SIM
  • Complete Entertainment Package: Sky Sports, BT Sports and Sky 
  • Cinema all in HD

All for £79 instead of £161 (out of contract tariff)

    How to Claim

    How to Claim

    Follow the URL and fill out our form.

    Or calling 0800011395 to speak to one of our expert advisors and get a broadband quote.



    What channels are included? 

    Over 230 channels, including BT sports, Sky sport full package , Sky Cinema, Sky Entertainment and Netflix

    What is the contract length?

    18 months

    What calls are included? 

    Anytime calls on landline

    Is Netflix included? 


    What Sports channels are included? 

    BT and Sky sports

    Is there an installation fee? 

    £35 set up fee

    Can I pay on receipt of bill? 

    No, the offer is only available on direct debit

    Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions